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leelooface tagged me so here goes!

Name: Tasha (Natasha for all you formal folk)
Birthday: November 16th
Favorite color: Purple and green. But not together.

Lucky number: 16
Height: 5’6”

Talents: Drawing / art. Or at least I’d like to think so lol.
Last dream you remember: I was driving and my breaks weren’t working. I have these dreams a lot and I’m not sure if it has anything to do with my actual real-life fear of driving or if there is a deeper meaning behind it. Regardless, not pleasant.
Can you juggle: Hell no lol
Art/sports/both: Art. I play sports like Daria
Do you like writing: Yes I do. :) More so coming up with ideas
Do you like dancing: YES! but I’m so awkward naturally, it probably looks very weird XD
Do you like singing: YUS! especially if I’m in the car. Sorry driver, you’re gonna have to deal with me harmonizing with whatever song comes on!

Dream vacation: omfg I would LOVE to go to Australia’s Great Barrier reef and go snorkeling with the fishies! I also want to see the northern lights but I hate feeling cold because I’m a lizard…so once teleportation technology is available to the public, I’ll be doing that. 
Dream guy/gal: I’m drawing a huge blank here. But let’s just say I had a huge crush on Sonic the Hedgehog when I was 6.
Dream wedding: Fall themed, outdoors in a garden, with lanterns and lots of flowers. Also free. Because “dream wedding” LOL!
Dream pet: A cheetah or X amount of domestic cats equivalent to the weight of 1 cheetah
Dream job: I draw and animate, Learn, Make lots of money and the projects never get canceled and no one gets fired.
Favourite song: I have a lot. But “Home” by Dream Theater is really calling out to me right now. lol Actually that entire album is awesome.
Favorite albums: Scenes From a Memory by Dream Theater. Year Zero By NIN and Ghosts by NIN, Into the Trees by Zoe Keating and To The Stars by Feed Me. :D
Least favorite song: Ehh…”YEAH!” by Usher. That “BUUURRRBURRR-BOOBOO-YEAH!” noise just drills into my head! (Also it played literally every morning on my HS bus radio and it just reminds me of being awake at 6:30AM going to a class that I didn’t do my HW for)
Least favorite album: I have to say, I was very disappointed by the Vengaboys’ “Party Album” CD. wtf, guys?! That Venga-bus never showed up to my front door!
Least favorite artist: I dunno…ICP? …I’ve honestly never listened to any of their music all the way through but I think I can come to the conclusion that I will never be going to any of their shows.


Guys/girls/both: Both!
Eye color: I don’t think I have a preference for eyeball color. Everyone has beautiful eyes!
Humorous/serious: Must laugh at farts!
Taller/shorter: Taller
Biggest turn-off: Bad manners, being inconsiderate, poor hygiene / looking unkept or messy….I mean. I get that you sometimes just wanna wear sweat pants and be lazy but damn. Don’t wear an oversized shirt or pants with holes and bleach stains on it every day!
Biggest turn-on: Being well dressed. Planning ahead for special occasions, having a common interest, ambition / hard work and future goals.

Alrighty! We’re done! I tag f0x1nth3b0x, grandmasmollases, chohakkaifan, duffmansean , raumlet and peacocksdance




Yeah, so, I’m falling behind on my bills and I’m in a freelance schlump. So I’m opening up some commissions!

Right Now I’m Only Offering Waist-Up & Full Body Drawings.

Drawing Type: waist-up/full-body (+waist/full,pairing drawing) - Desc.

Rough Sketch: $8/$12 (+$4/$6,pairing drawing) -Rough, but anatomically correct sketch.

Cleaned Lines: $12/$18 (+$6/$9,pairing drawing) -  Cleaned up Lineart with original sketch underneath. Can ask for just the lines and/or a transparent .png file for you to color yourself if you’d like.

Flat Color: $18/$24 (+$9/$12,pairing drawing) - Finished drawing. Cleaned lines, flat colors, several layers of gradient shadows and highlights, texture, and flat background.


PLEASE BE SPECIFIC WITH WHAT SORT OF POSE YOU WANT. Otherwise you’ll get whatever pose I come up with!


Message my ASK box if you’re interested or you can email me at:


All order will get a notification with a link to the completed drawing. I’ll be posting them on my Blog. If you’d like a high-def version of the drawing please send me your email.


I Accept Paypal or Google Wallet ONLY.*


*You don’t need to send payment right away, but you wont get completed drawing until I receive payment in full.


Will Draw: Any fandom/pairing/OC as long as there’s clear reference. I’ll do nsfw, but there might be an additional charge depending on what you’re looking for. Message me.

Won’t Draw: Furries, Ship Hate, Overly detailed characters.

I Will Decline Any Request I Feel Uncomfortable Doing! Fair Warning.

Any questions or any info I’m missing please let me know! Also, please signal boost if you know anyone looking for commissions! <3!

My talented buddy is doing commissions! Go show her some love! She’s a fantastic artist! <3 

Emilio's Flying Adventure: Appstore for Android

Hey peeps!
I work on an indie project called Bella Bambolina Adventures! We just launched a mini game called Emilio’s flying adventure! You get to play as a magical flying cat and collect coins and treats! But watch out for the spiky fruits!
Please go show the project some love and go play the game! :D

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